Card Stands

We currently sell 4 variants of our card stands (V1, V2, V3, V4). All three models are customizable and adjustable. They can accommodate raw cards, top loaders, PSA slabs, BGS slabs, and most one touch mag cases. The V3 can fit anything up to an inch thick. We now recommend ordering the V4 for the best experience.


Here's some in depth info about each version,  

  • V1 was our first design. Composed of transparent acrylic, the V1 stand looks very minimalistic, especially if there is a light source behind the stand (light shines through the acrylic and glows). However we strongly suggest our customers to buy the V3 because the V1 is very fragile. If you drop the V1 of a table, it will almost certainly break. Also if you don't handle the stand with care, the acrylic can break (handle this stand as if it was a very expensive card).
  • V2 was our second design. This stand is much more durable than the V1 variant and can survive a drop of the table. This design is 3D printed on the back side, however the face plate is still laser cut, resulting in the same insanely slick appearance as the V1. The only downside is that the V2 cannot fit some thick one touch cases (most fit fine).
  • V3 was designed to accommodate any trading card. This design features a siding arm on the backside to adjust the angle. This allows anything up to an inch thick to be mounted on the stand. If you can find a card that doesn't fit, send us a message and we'll make a new stand that can! Side note: The adjustable arm can be a little stiff at first, however after a few uses it will become easier to slide.
  • V4 is the best card stand in the world. This card stand now features a 3"x1.25" face-plate that can better display your logo. The V4 can also accommodate any card/case available. The new design also allows easy adjustment to the angle of the card with one hand. The larger base also makes this version the most stable and durable.


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