Custom Adjustable Trading Card Stand (V2)

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How it works

Simply adjust the back support arm to the desired angle, then place your card on the stand! If the arm is too loose, just hand tighten the hex-nut connected to the arm.


Adjustable back support arm is able fit most card cases. We've tested our card stand with the following cards/cases:


  • Top Loader
  • One Touch (25pt confirmed, other sizes may vary)
  • PSA Graded (standard size)
  • Raw Cards


Most cards/cases will work with this stand (V2), but if you have extremely thick cases, the card may be unstable on our stands.

Order Lead Time

1-4 weeks; 95% of orders ship within a 2 weeks. Bulk orders (orders of 50 stands or more) may take longer. Please reach out to use via the website chat to get a more accurate lead time estimate for bulk orders.

How to Customize

Click 'Customize Now' and upload your logo by clicking 'Add Image.'  The front face plate has 2 slots on either size that are used to mount the plate to the card stand. Please keep these in mind when laying out your design. Additionally, avoid putting important details near the edges of the outline (the black rectangle with curved corners).

Made in the USA

Our card stands are proudly made in the USA! This ensures quality and sustainability for all our products.