Custom Plastic Trading Card Stand (V2)

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How it works

Simply adjust the back support arm to the desired angle, then place your card on the stand! If the arm is too loose, just tighten the screw connected to the arm.


Adjustable back support arm is able fit most card cases. We've tested our card stand with the following cards/cases:


  • Top Loader
  • One Touch (25pt confirmed, other sizes may vary)
  • PSA Graded (standard size)
  • Raw Cards

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Custom Plastic Trading / Sports Card Stand

- Adjustable back support arm to fit most card cases (top loader, one touch, PSA graded) and raw cards 

- Add any image to the face plate, regardless of colors and design features.

- Durable - Image will never rub off or fade.

- Printed in High Resolution, 300 DPI

- Easily swap face plates with different designs

- Made in the USA

- Proprietary design

Most cards/cases will work with this stand (V2), but if you have extremely thick cases, the card may be unstable on our stands.


When adding your logo, consider the mounting slots on both sides of the face plate when deciding placement.


To receive discounts on quantity, only change pack size box. If you need more than 5, change the quantity box. (For example, if you select a pack size of 5 and quantity of 2, you will get a total of 10 stands.)


Order Lead time:

1-4 weeks. 90% of orders ship within a 2 weeks. Bulk orders (orders of 50 stands or more) may take longer. Please reach out to use via the website chat to get a more accurate lead time estimate.