Custom Trading Card Stand (V4)

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The V4 card stand is the best card stand that money can buy. This customizable card stand comes with your logo printed on the front plate to add branding to your photos and listings. The 'easy-adjust' arm allows you to set the perfect angle on any card with one hand every time! 

We recommend using a computer during the customization process for the best experience. If you have any concerns with the design, leave a message in the notes section after you hit 'customize.'


- Adjustable back support arm to fit all standard card cases (top loader, one touch, PSA/BGS graded) and raw cards!

-Comes with built-in wrench to tighten/loosen the 'easy-adjust' arm resistant.

- Add any image to the face plate, regardless of colors or design complexity.

- Durable - Image will never rub off with moisture/water or fade.

- Printed in High Resolution, 300 DPI; the face plate is NOT 3D printed!

- Made in the USA

- Proprietary design

How to Use

The 4th-generation card stands are designed to be adjusted by simply rotating the arm to the desired angle; this can be done with or without the card on the stand. For raw cards, it’s recommended that the arm is adjusted with the card off the stand to avoid excessive bending (damage). There is a screw on the left side of the stand that controls the resistance of the arm (how easy it is to rotate). Rotate Screw with screwdriver if a tighter(clockwise) / looser(counter-clockwise) support arm is desired. 


Top-Loader Case

PSA Graded

Raw Card

One Touch Case (35-pt)

One Touch Case (100-pt)